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Affordable Industrial Cleaning Services for Your Brisbane Business

If you’ve been watching dirt and grime build up on the exterior and interior of your commercial space for a while now but haven’t done anything about it, Sealuca are the professionals you need to call. Our solutions help to rid your professional setting of the elements that inevitably take their toll not only on the appearance of the property, but on its safety as well. Our professional team of technicians can make your building look great again while saving it from future problems.

High pressure cleaning: Using an EWP at the Chandler Transfer Station

High pressure cleaning: the Chandler Transfer Station
Phew! So much mud……where to next?

Get results with our effective high pressure cleaning

Sealuca is proud to offer a wide range of maintenance services that deliver exceptional results to our clients throughout Brisbane North and surrounding areas. Whether you need high pressure house cleaning, driveway and gutter maintenance or industrial cleaning services for your commercial property, we use state of the art, industrial grade equipment to deliver solutions that impress our clients time and time again. Whether it’s for your home, office or warehouse, when you need professional results for affordable prices, we are the company to call.

The benefits of our commercial building cleaning solutions

There are a number of reasons why high pressure cleaning should be on your company’s priority list. Not only will it make your space look incredible, but it will save it from being damaged by the dirt, mould, debris and other potentially harmful substances that inevitably build up over time. Not only is our service affordable, our skilled technicians deliver exceptional results and a standard of customer service that is unmatched by anyone else in the local industry, making us your company of choice when it comes to effective industrial cleaning that won’t break your budget.

High pressure cleaning: Sean getting down and dirty with a 2011 flood clean

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