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Gutterguard Installations

Step-by-step Aluminum Gutter Guard installation guide

First it is necessary to make mention that there are a number of ways of installing this product. In our opinion the best is to just slip it into the gutter cavity to create a barrier to stop the debris and vermin. The first illustration is an artist impression of a very suitably installed product.

Before you begin installation, examine your Gutter Guard. It has two surfaces just like a cheese grater. The guard has to be installed so it can allow rain water to flow through making Gutter Guard a good rain water harvester. Installing the gutter guard the correct way will ensure the water is collected. Our unique cheese grate design actually propels the water into the gutter.


Easy installation of aluminum Gutter Guard
  1. Remove all debris from your gutters.
  2. Using a pair of scissors or tin snips cut a 10 cm strip from your Gutter Guard. This will be used as a template.
  3. Bend one end of the strip to take the height between the roof edge and the base of the gutter, leaving the remainder of the strip to protrude horizontally toward the gutter’s outer edge.
  4. Use this height measurement to place a guide mark on a bench or other flat surface and mark the outer edge – this is the distance from the roof to the base of your gutter where your length of Gutter Guard has to make an L-shaped bend. This L-shaped bend part will sit beneath the edge of your roof.
  5. Once that is in place, pull your gutter lip slightly away so the length of Gutter Guard can be slid into place over your gutter.
  6. Gently pull back the outer edge of the gutter and pop the guard into the lip.   Gently pop the guard into place.


Step-by-step foam Gutter Guard installation guide
  1. Remove all debris from your gutters.
  2. Lay pieces of foam gutter guard along roof just above gutter so it will be just in front of you when you are on the roof.
  3. Install gutter guard by placing into gutter ensuring it is a neat fit. When you get to a corner simply butt one piece up to the other. When finished cut last piece with a Stanley knife to the correct length.

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