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Gutter Guard

Reasons why you should use Sealuca to install your Gutter Guard

We do all the risky work for you.
Reduces Fire Risk
Avoids Leaf Build up
Keeps out Vermin
Saves Money
Your Peace of Mind
Saves Time
Prolongs the Life of your Gutters
Eliminates the Nuisance

And it’s Guaranteed for 20 years

As a home owner, how would you like to stop risking serious injury from climbing up on your roof? Finally get the water running into your gutters and actually into the down pipes. IMAGINE…gutters that will never need cleaning………..let alone allow leaves to build up so they overflow, how about going to sleep at night knowing you have reduced the fire hazard to you and your family, as recommended by the fire service…..and at the same time it keeps out frogs, birds, and all vermin….plus the extended life of your gutters ……….and are you on water tanks and drinking brown water, then the end is in sight……and remember everything that enters your water supply, you drink !!!!

We have 1 type of gutter guard.   It is very easy to install yourself providing you can get on a ladder. It is made of state-of-the-art porous flexible foam that easily slips into your gutter. The water flows through the foam and into the gutter. Leaves and debris just blow off.


Our great Gutter Guard can be installed for $25 – $35 per metre depending on your roofing material

It looks very neat and will add to the value of your investment, I will help to advise your install method as these photo’s may not be representative of what is best for your home.

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