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Sean White and Sealuca

Sean started from small beginnings with a genuine desire to offer the best service possible and developed it to what it is today. Sealuca is a family business which offers the best in personalised service whilst our friendly and helpful team will ensure a hassle free experience. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we offer a competitive price for all house, roof and hard surface cleaning.

Sealuca specialise in the residential and commercial areas. We provide flexibility and reliability to meet your requirements.

Sealuca is a Queensland licensed contractor located in the Bayside area. We have been operating in South East Queensland since 1994, servicing all areas east & west, from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. We can be contacted at all times via our website, email or phone.

Sean White and the External Cleaning Industry Association

With the introduction of level 5 water restrictions threatening to close down the industry, Sean formed the ‘External Cleaning Industry Association’ in March 2007. Sean White and Kevin Halpin from WATERWORKS were the Directors, in consultation with the Queensland Water Commission:- they formulated the best practice guidelines that now control our industry in water efficiency.

Sean and Kevin trained over 3000 operators until the water restrictions were lifted in 2012. Thededication of these two has insured that you, the customer can continue to use the services their industry provides, knowing that they are providing that service in the most water efficient way possible. Although the ECIA has now been shutdown it is good to remmeber that without it the External Cleaning Industry would be a thing of the past.

What do we offer?

Competitive Price

Sealuca is committed to offering competitive rates on all of our services.

Personal Service

We are happy to cater for your needs and provide a bespoke service for customers.

Industry Knowledge

We have years of experience and have worked through jobs of all shapes and sizes.

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